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Who's Ready To Geek Out???

I've always been a geek. I was in band in middle school. High School years were spent playing D&D and table top games (this was the 80s and Talisman was my favorite!) I've collected comic books since I was a kid.

With the rise of eBay, I decided to make a little extra money by selling some of my stuff online. This led to a side gig that allowed me to quit the corporate world in the 2000's. In Oct 2010, I decided to launch a retail store, that would blend my love of metal, rock and punk along with my love of comics and geek culture. Rock Shop Music and Comics opened inside the Mall of Georgia (if you're ever in the Mall, we're the comic shop inside) and is still going strong.

We launched the Rock Shop website in a hurry, and it has one of the longest URL's ever!! It's always bugged my, so I decided to start Forbidden Geek! Forbidden Geek will focus a little more on Anime and geek culture and this will allow the Rock Shop site to gradually focus more on store events.

Forbidden Geek will provide the most amazing selection of comic book, movie and tv, anime and pop culture shirts and merch! We will strive to maintain LOW prices along with FREE shipping in the USA. We will ship FAST and provide STELLAR customer service. 

Please feel free to contact me anytime! I welcome any suggestions and comments. Now, who's ready to GET YOUR GEEK ON??



Forbidden Geek