Marvel's First Horror Movie!

Marvel's First Horror Movie!

Brad Owens ·

So Fox just released the first trailer for the upcoming New Mutants movie. They had claimed earlier this year that it would be a full on horror movie, and boy does it look like it!

In my opinion, this makes sense in couple of ways.

1. The New Mutants is full of characters that fit in a horror movie. You have Wolvesbane, a werewolf. Dani is full of Native American mysticism. Teenage Magik was kidnapped as a child and raised by a demon in Hell. Karma could flat out possess people! 

2. New Mutants #18 started a new run featuring writer Chris Claremont and new artist Bill Sienkienwicz.  It went from being a pretty generic superhero book to something more dark and edgy, starting with the Demon Bear storyline. If this were music, it would be like going from Nickelback to Pink Floyd's The Wall. Hopefully the movie will be influenced by this run. 

Check out the trailer below, and if you get a chance, read the Claremont/Sienkienwicz issues, which were great!

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