Welcome to the Forbidden Blog!

Welcome to the Forbidden Blog!

Brad Owens ·

My name is Brad and I am a geek.

As a kid, I played soccer (not football, did not care to tackle or to be tackled,) collected comic books, insisted to my parents that my eyesight was bad so I could wear glasses and be like Clark Kent, and in Middle School, was in the band.

Not AS geeky as a teen. Hung out with the geeks and freaks. Grew my hair out, learned and became pretty good on the guitar and started a band. Still collected comics. Started going to comic conventions. (I worked staff at the first Dragon Con in 1987. Worked the fog machine for Blue Oyster Cult's Eric Bloom!!) 

Graduated from college, married my high school sweetheart (still married, woot!!) worked some crappy jobs until I had a good cubicle job. Then..started selling online. To the point where I was able to quit my cube job and do the internet thing full time!

It gets lonely working alone, so..let's open a retail store! In 2010, I opened Rock Shop Music and Comics in the Mall of Georgia. We're still there, slinging comics, records, and band merch! But I've never been real happy with the Rock Shop website, feeling it should be more focused on the store..

So enter Forbidden Geek! It's our sister site, focusing a little more on the geeky side of things. We'll be adding a LOT more on this site. If there's anything you would like to see, please let me know! Right now we do not have comics, but we have 200,000+ that could be put on the site if ya want it! 

I'll try to keep this blog updated the best I can.  If you're reading this..YOU ROCK!! Thanks so much and I'm so excited about see where this goes! 

Brad Owens (still a geek. That's me and Turd Ferguson in the pic, from DragonCon 2017)







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